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"This is a fantastic group from London making glitterball-electro-pop. It’s full of catchy keyboards, danceable build ups and breaks to be savoured..."

"...blisteringly lively and up front new music.."
Paul Giovanni Music Blog

"After a stunning remix for White Rose Movement, Eugene Machine now step out with a killer two track release on Robotnik Records. 'Scent of Money' is a throbbing dance monster with a definite nod to the 80's, especially it's big, big chorus... Hot stuff."
Rough Trade website

"Wildblanket Awards 2008 - Winner: Best Lift to Brighton. Eugene Machine don't do enough gigs, but when they do they are good. I particularly enjoyed a trip with them to Brighton where they played a great gig"

"Lead singer Emmagetic looked glamorous and confident as she strutted rhythmically behind her keyboards dressed in a vintage red tiger print dress and red stilettos..."
xyz Magazine

"...a thick and slick sophisticated sleazily exotic dub-tronic electro funk groove... A bit classy if you ask me..."

"...Here we're talking a funk robotic electro thing and boy did they execute it well. The sound was double bass loud heavy, and dead funky phat with it... This lot are a class act, go and take a look next time they're in town…"
Paul Giovanni Music Blog

"...The thing I most like with 'The Machine' is the fatness of the rhythm section and their grand and sharpish buildups. In the right club with the right crowd this band can really set things going..."

"...There's also a rather nifty and criminally sexy Eugene Machine Remix of 'Testcard Girl' currently doing the rounds which strips back the original and fillets it with a seriously gritted edge and a boot tapping space hyper drive which if nothing else should ensure carnage on an informed club floor near you."


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