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The Eugene DJ Machine has done it dirty on the dancefloors of London clubs such as Cargo, the Borderline, Ginglik, Cocomo and Mentasm as well as a host of private parties that were too good to remember. Guaranteed to bring an eclectic bunch of funkable 45s, electronic ear elevators and beautiful bouncing beats to any venue where the alcohol is flowing and the light is dark with flashes of neon.

Drop us a line if you fancy getting your twinkles on any of these mixes from the vaults of insanity

why are we sleeping

This 30 minute radio show is the first in a series we posted up called why are we sleeping? We've mixed together some of our latest finds with some long-time favourites, including James Holden, Shriekback, Silicon Boogie & Bill Nelson. At only 34mb, it's the best mutilated music mix you can put on your pod!

mixture mix

Eugene Machine / Slush Monster Pops
Mixture Master Mix Vol. 1 : "I'm Poppa Large"

Eugene Machine have joined forces with Slush Monster Pops to create the first in a new series of mix CD's called "Mixture Master Mix". Volume 1 is a very special Party Mash-Up! Featuring the sounds of Metro Area, Cameo, Caged Baby, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Kool Keith, The Beatles, Prince... Plus Exclusive Bootlegs!

beard beat

Eugene Machine presents Beard Beat Vol. 1
"time to lay down some serious sounds... "

an interplanetary mix of funked-up beats and widescreen grooves, featuring Neil Ardley, Yoko Ono, Renegade Soundwave, Captain Sky, Kraak & Smaak, Giorgio Moroder, Ramasses, Stargard, Hexstatic. Exclusive bootlegs, mash-ups and subliminal messages...


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